How to assign points for a Likert scale question?

You can use the SCORE function to assign points for the answer choices in the multiple choice question and calculate the score.

How to assign points using the SCORE function?

Let's create a simple form to collect feedback on ordering experience. We will use a multiple choice question with a 5 point likert scale for satisfaction as answer choices. Please follow the instructions below to assign points and calculate the score.

SCORE function

The form is used to collect feedback from users about their ordering experience. A 5 point likert scale is used to measure customer satisfaction. You can assign points to the answer choices in multiple choice question using SCORE function.

Extremely satisfied = 5
Somewhat satisfied = 4
Neutral = 3
Somewhat dissatisfied = 2
Extremely dissatisfied = 1

SCORE(entry#id, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Note: Type @ and select the required multiple choice question from the list to add its entry #id in the above formula.