How to assign points for a grid question?

You can assign points for the answer choices in the multiple choice grid question and calculate the score. You can use this option if all the statements in the multiple choice grid question have the same points. Otherwise, you can use the GRIDSCORE function.

Let's create the Dutch Handedness Questionnaire to measure the extent of left or right handedness. This questionnaire contains one question about the hand you preferentially use for writing and ten questions about your hand preference for other activities.

We will use the multiple choice question to record the hand preference for writing and a multiple choice grid question with ten statements about the hand preference for other activities. Left, Right and Both are the three answer choices for the statements in multiple choice grid question. The points must be assigned as follows: Left = -1, Right = +1, Both = 0.

How to assign points and calculate scores using Scorecery?

Pre-requisite: You must have installed the Scorecery add-on for Google Forms. If you haven't installed the add-on yet, you can install it from Google Workspace Marketplace using this link.